Here's all the stuff I got in Chicago, including 5 She-Ra's and 3 Batman's.  I won the City of Heros game at the Wizard spin the wheel trivia game, along with some other stuff.  Most of the Simpsons figures and even the KBBL playset were only 3 dollars each.  Eradicator Superman for only 8 dollars, and the Hush figures for 7, Kingdom Come for 8.  I'm so good at getting great deals!  Shazam! figure set was only 15, Rotocast He-Man was 20, Battle Bones and Spit Bull 15 each.  I found Battle Ram Chariot and Attack Squid at the local TrU for about 6 or 7 dollars each.  That's a huge box of about 300 comics, plus more comics in stacks on the floor, but you can't really see that those are big stacks of comics in the photo.  Most of the comics came from Graham Cracker comics who were selling boxes of them for only 30 dollars.  Most of the rest of the comics came from the 25 cent boxes that wer seen all over the place.