Which Heroic Warrior are YOU?

What is your prefered fighting style?

  I like to overpower my opponent with my huge muscles.
  I use my gadgets that I built myself, Batman style.
  I turn into a giant eagle and claw my enemies to peices.
  I beat them down, martial arts style.
  Magic tricks, that normally backfire.
  Tackle and bash, head butts all around
  High flying, off the top rope style
  I'm kind of schizophrenic, so it really depends on my mood.
  I bash my opponent with a club.

What type of armor would you wear to battle?

  Barely anything, cause my muscles rip through my clothes during battle.
  High tech armor with all sorts of gadgets.
  Feathers, so I can style and profile.
  A skirt.
  A robe and a hat and a scarf. I really don't know what I'm doing.
  One giant helmet so I can smash things with my head.
  Light, I gotta be able to move quick.
  I told you, I'm a schizo, I change my clothes all the time to fit my changing personality.
  Parts of me are made of metal.

How would you spend an ideal saturday?

  Sleep under a tree.
  Build a new high tech weapon.
  Stand guard of my own home. Can't be too safe.
  Practice my hand to hand combat skills.
  Try a new magic trick.
  Smash things with my head.
  Oh you know, just flying around.
  Putting on a show at the theater.

What is your home like?

  One sweet palace.
  Looks like a garage.
  A dirty old castle.
  A regular room.
  A little box, that I accidentally locked myself in.
  I like to smash things with my head.
  I live above the clouds man.
  A theater.
  A really high ceiling so I don't hit my head. I am so tall...

What type of vehicle do you drive.

  I don't have a car so I put a saddle on my pet dog and...
  I build my own vehicles.
  I don't need a vehicle, I can fly.
  Whatever my daddy gets me.
  Who needs vehicles when you can teleport?
  I smash all my cars.
  I have a jetpack.
  We don't have a car.
  I can see for many miles, so I don't need to go anywhere.

What weapon do you take into battle with you?

  One huge sword.
  Some weird timed explosive pen knife toilet paper gadget I just invented yesterday.
  I can shoot beams of power out of my hands. No really, I can.
  A big stick, that I'm gonna shove up your...
  A deck of cards.
  My head.
  My high flying ability gives me such a good advantage that I don't need a weapon.
  It depends on my mood. Just call me Mr. Schizo.
  A big heavy club.

What kind of job do you have?

  I'm a prince, I don't need a job.
  Security Guard
  I'm in the army.
  Football player

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