Which Evil Warrior are YOU?

What is your prefered fighting style, when in battle?

  Getting my henchmen to beat down my opponent.
  I invented a new device that will take care of them.
  I let my guard dog take care of the enemy.
  I lure them to the sea, where I push them in with the piranhas.
  I pinch them where it hurts.
  I whip my, uh...tail...at them.

What type of armor would you wear to battle?

  I've surrounded myself with henchmen. I don't need any other armor. You need armor.
  All I need is a skirt to distract the enemy with my hot hot legs...
  Any armor that I invented myself. It's gonna have all sorts of gadgets...
  Just some fur cause the only thing I can't beat is the cold.
  I'm a cyborg. I AM armor.
  I need to be quick, no armor for me.
  I don't need armor, I was born with an exoskeleton.
  I don't need armor, I was born with scaly skin.

How would you spend an ideal saturday?

  Figuring out how to take over the world.
  Figuring out how to take over the world before my boss does.
  Invent a new type of pain gun.
  Play with my dog.
  Attempt to break world record for glass eating.
  Go swimming.
  Crawl under the new rock I found.
  Smash things.

What is your home like?

  In a hole. A very big hole inside a mountain.
  A dirty cave my boss makes me live in.
  Looks like a laboratory with all my experiments.
  I live in the woods.
  A regular house, but there are a lot of bite marks in the walls from when I get bored.
  I live in an aquarium.
  I live in my own shell.
  There's a lot of lava...

What type of vehicle do you drive.

  I don't have a car so I put a saddle on my pet panther and...
  Who needs a vehicle when you can command the wind to carry you?
  I'm in the process of building my own car. I just need to find a way to get the rocket laucher attached...
  The biggest animal I can find.
  I have a grappling hook for vetical travel.
  I have a boat.
  I just kind of float around.
  I smash all my cars.

What weapon do you take into battle with you?

  A coupla swords and a magical staff of doom and destruction.
  I have all sorts of magical powers at my command, I need no weapon.
  I don't need a weapon, I just get this look in my eye that makes my enemies pee their pants.
  A whip and my trained attack dog.
  I just like to bite my opponents.
  A fish. You ever been hit by a fish? It hurts...stop laughing at me...
  My hand is a claw.
  I use my tail.

What do you smell like?

  What, how dare you ask me such a question you fool!
  That was the wrong thing to ask a lady.
  wet dog
  sea weed
  sea food

What type of job would you have if you weren't enlisted in the army of Evil?

The boss.
Animal control
Eating champion of the world.
Captain of a ship.
I'm in the evil army? oh crap...
Monster truck driver.

don't forget to answer every question... you evil son of a...
copywrite 2003 Chuck Bowlz, The Slime Pit.  all rights reserved.